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Headphone Speaker Common Sense

Nowadays, earphones have become an indispensable portable device for many people to go out. Whether they are office workers on the bus, students on campus, or sports enthusiasts who like running, they almost always wear one. The most important unit of the headset is its speaker, which is generally divided into moving coil and moving iron.

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Moving coil headphones can be said to be absolutely mainstream headphones on the market at present. The principle is to use the current flow through the conducting coil to generate a magnetic field, magnetic field and the interaction of permanent magnetic materials, driving the thin film vibration to produce sound.

The voice coil inside the moving iron earphone is wound on a piece of iron called balance armature in the center of permanent magnetic field. This armature is actually a moving iron unit, and this armature is driven to sound by magnetic force. It USES an electromagnet to generate an alternating magnetic field. The vibrating part is an iron sheet suspended in front of the electromagnet.

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The difference between the two:

1. The sound insulation effect of moving iron earphone is better than that of moving coil earphone;

2. The moving coil unit will be affected by the ambient temperature and humidity, and the frequency response curve may change audiably for some people; The frequency response curve and overall sound quality of the moving iron earphone are more stable.

3. The playback of sound details of moving iron earphones is better, and the layering of low, medium and high screens will be more obvious; The three-frequency connection of the moving-coil earphone is smooth and natural.

4. Moving-coil earphones are more suitable for listening to classical music and music. However, the moving iron earphone has excellent performance in following the sudden signal in music due to its very fast transient response. It is definitely not a waste of time and is more suitable for listening to the fast and tight music.

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