Headphone Patent Certificate-----Beer cap headphone LX-144C

Shenzhen Linx Technology Co. Ltd, a professional earphone and headphone manufacturer for nearly 10 years, received its Certificate of Design Patent for the headphone LX-144C on 2nd Sep.2015. It is issued by China's State Intellectual Property Office.

Beer cap headphone LX-144C

As a headband headphone, LX144C has the advantage of good sound field and it’s comfortable to wear. Since you don’t have to put it in ear, your ear canal will be well protected. Seen from it’s design, this headphone is fashionable with Chinese traditional red. The most special point is it’s beer cap design which makes the headphone widely welcomed by young people. Youngsters would like to bring the headphone to parties because it makes them look cool and it quite echo the theme. With so many advantages, how the headphone wouldn’t be widely-popularized?

The arrival of the Patent Certificate brings a great opportunity to Linx, because it make Linx the only supplier of this headphone . It’s surely quite a significant moment in Linx history.

Headphone Patent Certificate for Beer cap headphone LX-144C

Name of appearance design : Headphone (144C)
Designer: Yue Huang
Patent No. : ZL 2015 3 0109096. 0
Date of applying for the patent: 21st Apr. 2015
Legal holder of the patent:: Yue Huang
Date of authorized proclamation: 19th Aug. 2015

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