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Headphone Buying Guide

When considering your headphone purchase it’s always best to find a place to demo them yourself to try your own music on them and see if they suit your ears. Remember sound is subjective. This is meant to help guide you into the more popular and well received models available to further research. The pricing and tier is not indicative of quality relative to another headphone, the headphones are sorted solely based union price, price is not an indicator of weather you are going to like something more or less.Headphone Buying Guide

Active Noise Cancelling is something else you will want to avoid in some case. In-general the average person will get the isolation needed from IEMs or other high isolation headphones. With active noise canceling you're going to pay a premium on the noise canceling technology, rather than the sound quality. Only buy these, or even consider them, if you absolutely need them. As for how the technology works, it has a microphone that listens to the noises around you. It will generate a tone that cancels out constant hums like a jet engine. It does nothing for talking or sporadic noises. Realistically, there's no need for it with how well headphones isolate when considering headphones with excellent passive isolation. Generally the technology hurts the sound quality and requires batteries to operate, making them very inconvenient.

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