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Headphone and Security

Headphones let us steep to our own private worldwhich is not a good idea when walking,running or bicycling on busy streets.Shenzhen earphone&headphone manufacturers--LINX, solve this problem with sports headphones that hang over the ears like other headphones but send soud through the listener's checkbones. Environmental isolation is serious problem;a recent study of pedestrian injuries found that three-quarters of people hurt or killed after colliding with a car or train were wearing headphones.

LX-BH01 transmits music directly to the inner ear,LINX headphones don't block out sirens,warming shouts and other backgroud noises.

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The bone-conduction technology used by LINX was developed in 2001 by Shenzhen,China-based Voxtech Ltd. to help soldiers in the field listen to radio-based commands while staying alert to their surroundings.

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