Happy Dragon Boat Festival

The 5th, May of lunar calendar is a traditional folk festival in China - the Dragon Boat Festival. It is one of the ancient traditional festivals of the Chinese nation.

There are also different customs everywhere.The main contents are: daughter back to her parents' home, stick Zhonggui’s photo, welcome ghost ships, new born child escape to grandparents-in-law’s home , dragon boat racing, contest, batting, Swinging, eating five poisonous cakes, salted eggs, rice dumpling and seasonal fresh fruits, etc., except for the disappearance of activities with superstitious colors, the rest have so far spread to all parts of China and neighboring countries.  Some activities, such as dragon boat racing, have achieved new developments, breaking through time and geographical boundaries and becoming international sports events.

There are many arguments about the origin of the Dragon Boat Festival, such as: commemorating Qu Yuan, commemorating Wu Zixu, commemorating Cao e, beginning with the three-generation Summer Solstice Festival etc.. Each of the above said, has its own source. According to scholars Wen Yiduo's "Dragon Boat Exam" and "The Dragon Boat Festival History Education" listed more than a hundred ancient records and expert archaeological research, the origin of the Dragon Boat Festival is a festival of totem sacrifices held by Wu and Yue peoples in the ancient South of China, earlier than Qu Yuan. . However, for thousands of years, Qu Yuan’s patriotism and touching poetry have been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. Therefore, people cherish and mourn for the past and use the word to tell the truth. Thus,the theory of commemorating Qu Yuan is the most influential, occupy the mainstream. In the field of folk culture, the Chinese people linked the dragon boat race on Dragon Boat Festival and eating rice dumplings to commemorate Qu Yuan.

Today, the Dragon Boat Festival is still a very popular holiday among the Chinese people. The headphone manufacturer LINX Technology Co., Ltd. wishes all of you a happy Dragon Boat Festival and a happy racing dragon boat . However, pay attention to safety during the Dragon Boat Festival.

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