Fashion metal zipper earphone

Fashion zipper earphones,which are with fashion popular appearancen and modern avant-grade sense. You can feel that is a specifically earphone for those young fashion users. Very comfortable to listen when you are out side .it is light weight and portable.

fashion metal zipper earphone

When you listen to music with zipper earphone, it will make you feel completely remove from cables winding .It is really a problem .Even if we have one cable winder ,but it still cant solve that cable winding .but zipper earphone can solve this problem effectively.zipper earphone`s cable is hide into the zipper .we can adjuster the cable length with zipper puller.which is very practical.

colorful metal zipper earphones

Zipper earphone ,it can be zipper with plastic earlap,metal earlap,wood earlap,bamboo earlap,many colors can be choose ,c ustomized are welcome.

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