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EF M Series Adds stylish new M400 Hifi headphones new listing

British Chanticleer audio brand KEF introduced the latest Hi-Fi headset M400. The headset equipped with top drive unit technology, lightweight and robust body design allows users to enjoy a comfortable wearing experience, in order to bring pleasure to enjoy excellent sound quality.

Hi-Fi headset

M400 is a portable Hi-Fi headphones, the heritage of the KEF powerful and sophisticated design technology, voice clear, balanced and full of natural charm. We have full details of the high-frequency and intermediate frequency transition smooth and tight and clean bass. Headset modeling chic, rugged and lightweight portable; its elegant style and smooth shape, makes the whole headset showing impressive luxurious texture, and the body remains a sense of lightness and comfort wear.

M400 learned the essence of KEF in global popular M500 headset by very modern simple smooth lines sketched together with invisible hinged design configuration, can be folded to reduce the storage space, comes with high-end storage bag, portable travel is very convenience. In addition, M400 has a racing blue, sunset orange, deep black and champagne white four colors to choose from, users can choose their own preferences.

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