Earphone Patent Certificate - For Earphone LX-E006

Shenzhen Linx Technology Co. Ltd, a professional earphone and headphone manufacturer for nearly 10 years, received its Certificate of Design Patent for the earphone LX-E006 on 2nd Sep.2015.

LX-E006 earphone

This is an in-ear earphone, light and portable. It can be put in a small pocket, so that people can carry i without any trouble at all. The price is low but the quality is high, which makes it cost-effective. Besides, it can be made in any of the pantone colors, so that the customers may have much more choices. With cute design, this earphone is popularized among Children and girls. There is a metal circle in the earphone shell, which makes the earphone look more delicate.

Name of appearance design : Earphone (E006)

patent certificate of LX-E006 earphone

Designer: Yue Huang
Patent No. : ZL 2015 3 0109097. 5
Date of applying for the patent: 21st Apr. 2015
Legal holder of the patent:: Yue Huang
Date of authorized proclamation: 19th Aug. 2015

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