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Earphone knowledge: moving coil, moving iron, ring iron is what?

In the headset specification, you often see moving coil/moving iron/ring iron and other words, so what do they stand for respectively?

Moving coil headphones:

Moving coil earphones are common earphones, because they are driven by a circular speaker, so they are called "moving coil earphones".  Most earbuds are moving coil earphones, which are similar to ordinary speakers. The moving coil relies on the vibration of the diaphragm to produce sound, which is like a miniature version of a small speaker.  The working principle of moving coil earphone is that the voice coil in the permanent magnet field generates a magnetic field driven by signal current, and drives the connected diaphragm with magnetism to vibrate and produce sound under the influence of magnetic field.

Movable iron earphone:

The TWS headphones have a small "iron block" shaped like a moving iron unit, which consists of a permanent magnet and a set of coils.  In fact, just from the modeling point of view, moving circle and moving iron are actually very image.  One is a circle and the other is a small piece of iron.  So in the part of working principle, moving iron is through a permanent magnet and a group of coils, driven by signal current, drive the connecting rod to conduct to the center point of a miniature magnetic diaphragm, so as to produce vibration and sound.  In contrast, movable iron earphones are widely used because of their high sound quality and small size.

Loop iron earphone:

Moving coil and moving iron sound different substances and principles, so the tone style is different.  The sound field performance of moving coil earphone is excellent, and the sound is more emotional and atmosphere, while the moving iron earphone is famous for its high resolution and restore degree. Therefore, the advantages of the two are complementary, and the two sound units are integrated into the earphone, which is the ring iron earphone.

Generally speaking, the cost of traditional moving coil earphones is low, the cost of moving iron is slightly higher, and the ring iron is higher.  Many earphones are moving coil units, generally speaking, moving coil earphones can meet the needs of many users, the key is also relatively high cost performance.

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