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Do you know the Hazard of headphones?

In Modern and technology developed science, more and more extensive use of the headset occur such as the big city office buildings, small streets and so on. While the headset brings convenience to our living, but also brings harm to our body. Thus, how can we minimize the harm of headset?

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Headphones are usually divided into a headset, ear and ear hanging three types, which minimize damage to the ears of a headset, wearing a small advantage though not clever portable, there is a good sound. In contrast, ear hook and ear though it sounds realistic, but it will make the eardrum damage in long-term high volatility. If a long time to wear headphones to listen to music but did not pay attention to the ears and maintenance, it will affect the hearing. It compared with loudspeakers, vibrating plate headset closer to the eardrum, ear injuries are more direct. Although almost all headset designs have been used to reduce the open headphones hearing damage, but long-term use or cause harm, especially some people will open a large volume of the music, would like to offset outside noise, which is undoubtedly worse practices.

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A method for reducing headset on the ear hazards:

1. often listening to headphones will reduce our hearing, over time it will become deaf, or did not like the headset to hear as loudness, it is not the function of promoting the degradation of our body ? Therefore, we can minimize the use of headphones less, otherwise we humans really degraded.

2. We usually do not do too convenient, use those earbud headphones, this headset does not buffer the sound waves stimulate brought us only use that in order to effectively cushion ear style sonic impact protection.

3. We usually listening to headphones To control the volume, do not put the volume too loud, so will our headphones cause great harm, but also to make our minds become easily fatigued.

In order to avoid harm of headset to the human bodies, please keep this note into your mind: Do not open too big volume of headphone when listening to music or make volume of headphone in the control of 40-60 decibel which is appropriate in order to feel comfortable and pleasant. Then, adult use headset beyond 3-4 hours. But you can use headset every half hour to take a break.

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