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Do children need to wear headphones?

Parents whose children have taken online English courses will find that their children have completely different levels of devotion and concentration when they go to classes with and without headphones. There are also some parents who think that if they have not enrolled their children in any online learning classes, their children no longer need them. Use headphones. In an era when electronic products are popular, do adults only need headphones?

Do children need to wear headphones?

To answer this question first, imagine the following scenario:

During the boring journey, in order to calm the child, he can only use electronic equipment to show him cartoons. To prevent disturbing others, the volume is turned down very low. I enrolled my child for online English classes or other tutoring classes, but because of external interference, I couldnt be fully involved in class. Use audio-visual materials such as picture books, nursery rhymes, bedtime stories, etc. to sharpen the children's ears, but the children are not focused enough and are always interrupted by various disturbances from the outside world.

In addition, most parents want their children to develop the habit of reading more, listening more, and typing more from an early age. Therefore, they will collect many kinds of good picture books, good nursery rhymes, and good stories that are suitable for children, so that children can listen to them as they want.Children's headphones


In fact, in this era of electronic equipment, both adults and children, earphones are essential for life. A good pair of headphones is an artifact to cultivate children's concentration, because immersing children in the audio-visual world, not being disturbed is the key to developing concentration!

What are the risks of children wearing ordinary headphones?

The biggest harm to children with ordinary earphones is that they are easy to turn on the volume too loudly, which can cause irreversible damage to the children's hearing!

Many children do not deliberately control the volume when using electronic products. Children only pay attention to whether they can hear clearly. Therefore, in the case of external comparisons, children will unconsciously turn up the volume (the same is true for adults).

Too high volume is prone to auditory fatigue. For children who are developing, fatigue can easily cause damage to the auditory nervous system of the inner ear. Over time, the childs hearing will decrease.

According to a survey, 12.5% of people between the ages of 6 and 19 have hearing loss due to over-tuned earphones.

In addition, most of the earphones designed for adults and original earphones for electronic products are in-ear. For children, in-ear headphones have a lot of safety and health risks, and they are easy to breed bacteria and are not suitable for children to wear.

Therefore, for children, a headset specially designed for children is very necessary.

What are the important parameters of children's headsets?

First of all, the volume limit is the most important. Professional children's headphones will use volume limiting technology to protect children's hearing. According to the safe volume standard established by the World Health Organization, the maximum volume of children's headphones is limited to 85 ± 3 decibels. In other words, in other words, when using professional children's earphones, parents don't have to worry about excessive sound volume causing children's hearing damage.

Children's headphones

Secondly, the headset is made of soft material and safety is very important. Playing is a child's nature, so durability and sturdiness are very important, but a certain degree of flexibility must be ensured.

In terms of material safety, good earphones use soft synthetic leather ear pads. The ear pads are also made of anti-allergic materials for children to protect children's sensitive and weak skin. Some of them can reach the standard of licking.

In addition, clear sound quality and good hearing are standard. Professional children's earphones will not use too much sound technology, and use the original original sound to let the child hear the best sound. The size of the sound is just right, the sense of hearing is good, the sound quality is very clear, there will be no breaks in the sound, and it sounds very comfortable.

Finally, as a children's headset, appearance is also a factor that needs to be considered. Bright and lively cartoon elements are sufficiently attractive to children, can fully mobilize children's hands-on ability and creativity, and allow children to show their unique personality.

Having said so much, I believe that parents must recognize the importance of children's headphones. As a brand of online childrens English education, Haval American Elementary School pays great attention to childrens listening experience, and hopes to recommend professional ones, such as this one:

Buddyphones is a professional brand of children's safety learning headsets in Northern Europe. The products are specially developed for children aged 3-12. The materials are strictly required. The maximum volume is limited to the recommended level of the World Health Organization (WHO)-85 decibels.

BuddyPhones fully meets the aforementioned standards of children's headsets. It is a popular children's headset. In addition to the features mentioned above, this headset also has the following features:

Super durable ABS / PP shell

Built-in microphone

Detachable cable

Anti-allergic ear pads

Decorative stickers

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