Cute cat-ear earphones for kids and adults

[New headphones recommended!]  Shenzhen Linxin Technology Co., LTD recently produced a children's earphone, which is designed for children aged 3-15 and has a volume limit of 85DB.  This earphone has a variety of colors to meet the different color preferences of men, women and children.

This children's earphone has the function to let children share with each other, learning and entertainment at the same time.  Teach children to share, improve their communication and interaction skills and enhance social skills.

This kids earphone also has microphone function, 3.5mm audio, compatible with digital products on the market.  It allows children to receive their parents' voice calls and communicate with each other while using headphones.

The headbow and arms of the kids earphone are soft and not easy to break, so kids don't have to worry about accidentally breaking the earphone while playing.

This kind of children's earphone has the luminous function of the shiny ear shell, which can satisfy the children's preference, and it is very beautiful to use when taking photos or performing.  The earmuffs

and headbow are soft and comfortable, protecting your child's head and ears so that they can be happy and not hurt while growing up.  Adjustable headband for children of different ages, according to their own growth and development, adjust the appropriate and stable length for wearing.

The kids' headphones are compatible with multiple game consoles like Switch, PS4/PS5, iPhone and Huawei phone models, and laptop and desktop computers.  It is portable and can be used anytime and anywhere.  Children watching cartoons are afraid to disturb people?  Use it. Keep the volume at 85dB to protect your child's eardrum from damage caused by high decibels.  Want to listen to and communicate with your teammates?  Go ahead and use it. This headset has a microphone function that allows you to communicate with your teammates while playing the game. Both you and your teammates can hear each other's commands clearly.  Want to be the brightest kid on the stage?  Then use it, the ear case has a changeable color LED light, with bright colors of the fuselage, come out can let a person shine!

This kids earphone is worth having for both kids and adults. 

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