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Choosing between Wired and Wireless Headphones

Generally speaking, wireless headphones are considered as more flexible and more convenient than wired headphones in some uses, but when it comes to actual using scenarios, we may find that neither wired or wireless headphones are the all-round choice for all users. So, what is the vital point when we are making purchase decisions between wired and wireless headphones? In the comparison among headphones with wired, wireless or multiple mode, we find that the crucial parts that users care about are sound quality, range of use, and latency.

Among sound quality, range of use and latency, the difference of sound quality is subtle between wired and wireless headphones, as for the range and latency, they are the more noticeable.

Sound Quality

If the sound quality is the key of your buying decision, whether wired or wireless headphones can be put on your list.

The discrepancy of sound quality between wired and wireless headphones may just be noticed by trained sensitive ears on frequency response, and it seldom bothers most casual listeners.


If you tend to use your headphones for long-term videos watching and gaming, wired headphones will be a better choice, since wired headphones are with fewer steps of sound transmitting than bluetooth headphones or speakers. The advantage of its fast respond is even more obvious when you are using high frame rate contents like video games over 60fps.


Wireless headphones would be your ideal choice if you are in pursuit of greater range of motion when you are using headphones, since most bluetooth headphones’ using range can reach up to 33 ft which is larger than wired headphones with long cable reach up to 11 ft.

So, overall, unless you use your headphones for gaming, recording, or doing anything that is prone to sync issues due to latency, it doesn't make a huge difference whether you use wired or wireless. However, if range is an important issue for you, wireless headphones will be good.

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