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Choose Your Own Suitable kind of Headphones

What kind of headphones will be more suitable for you? Is it better for picking over-ear, on-ear, ear buds or in-ear headphones? When it comes to buying headphones, most of the time we'll focus on the superiority or inferiority of its comfort, portability , noise isolation, leakage and sound effects. Have you already known about the divisions about these kinds of headphones for making a more personal purchasing decision? Let's see it from the following article.

Over-ear Headphones

Pursuit for the most of comfort and relatively care less about the larger size?

With the thicker headband and puffier earmuff, over-ear Headphones will be your ideal choice. Mostly they have decent performance in blocking ambient noise but tend to leak more music than other types of headphones when you turn up the volume.

On-ear Headphones

Looking for the headphones with comfortableness and less bulky like over-ear headphones?

On-ear headphones will meet your need for sure. They helps to block background noise in a certain range, which is slightly weaker than over-ear headphones. Since they are pretty much similar in their merits and drawbacks, the main division of on or over-ears headphones may falls on the ear-cup format, which determines the level of comfort and physical noise reduction.

In-ear Headphones

If you are satisfied with the ear canal sealing design that helps to block noise, and want a pair of earphones that are super portable and unlikely to disturb others due to sound leakage, then in-ear headphones can be placed on your purchase list.


Want a pair of ultra-portable headphones but hesitate on the in-ear design? Get a pair of earbuds! Earbuds is portable enough to fit in your purse or pocket and similar with in-ear headphones of the traits of blocking noise outside and stop sound leakage. However, the enhance of comfort reduce its level of noise reduction in a way.

All in all, everyone has their own preference when it comes to purchasing headphones. If you are more interested in any one aspect of comfort, portability, noise isolation or sound leakage, I hope this article can help you some how.

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