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Children headphone for China headphones factory

Children than adults are more sensitive ears, and headphones pose a heightened hearing loss risk if used improperly. Funneling sound directly into developing ear drums can cause rupturing, or can lead to sustained hearing loss over time. When shopping for children headphones, look for products with safety sound controls that are designed specifically to fit into smaller ears.

headphone for children

Production flow of the headphone for children:

It’s a long process before you see this in the fancy packaging on the shelf of the stores.

Most parts of the headphone for children is TPE material,it is consists of plug,cable and earpieces,microphone is optional depends your needs.

1.First,we make cables,cables are made by the wire-drawing machines with TPE material and pure copper wire.
2.Then we make the earpieces,the earpieces are the most changeable parts.
3.After earpieces’ ready,we assemble the headphone for children’s speakers in, bthen connect the headphone for children speakers with Earphone cables and the jack,also with the microphone if you need.
4.At last,we shaped the plug and joints with TPE material.
5.After testing headphone for children’s quality,we pack the headphone for children with the packaging with your logo,A new headphone for children is successfully made!

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