BV. Factory Audited

Shenzhen Linx Technology Co., Ltd. Got Factory audit Certificate by BV. On 19/Apr./2018

Service Provided by Bureau Veritas CertificationReport No.: 17445378_P+T


Below info will be available in our BV certificate, detailed and with photos. Welcome to contact us for report.


Section 1: Company Overview

1.1 Legal Validity

1.2 Company Building Information


Section 2: Human Resources

2.1 Company Chart

2.2 Employee Headcount

2.3 Management


Section 3: Current Export Situation


Section 4: Export Business Capacity

4.1 Market Distribution (Previous 12 Months)

4.2 Main Clients


Section 5: Production Capacity

5.1 Annual Production Capacity (Previous Year)

5.2 Production Capacity

5.3 Production Machinery

5.4 Testing Machinery

5.5 Subcontractors


Section 6: Quality Assurance

6.1.1 Quality Management System Certification
6.1.2 Product Certification

6.2 Testing Report

6.3 Quality Control Management

6.4 Supplier Management

6.5 After Sales Service


Section 7: Production Process Management


Section 8: R & D Capacity

8.1 Current Situation

Patent Situation

Brand Situation

The Average Time For New Products Launched

The Shortest Time For A New Item Launched


Section 9: Company Development / Expansion Plans


Section 10: Production Flow


Section 11: Certification & Photos


Section 12: Company and Product Samples

Section 13: Competitive Advantages

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