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Bluetooth Headset Noise Cancellation Technologies

Acoustic Echo Cancellation  

Using echo cancellation technology to eliminate the speaker signal leaking into the microphone, (widely used in in-ear/semi-in-ear TWS headphones).


Directional Pickup

  While protecting the main directional target speech, removing various interfering noises in the environment, such as other people's talking, noise generated by transportation and wind noise, etc.

Keyword/Command Word Detection

  Users can wake up the microphone array from dormant state by speaking keywords while having the ultimate answering speed, while supporting multi-round dialogue function for human-computer interaction.

Virtual Stereo Sound

  Through a pair of headphones you can enjoy the sound generated by the stereo system composed of two speakers. Can accurately reproduce the correct placement and tuning of the stereo speaker system generated by the listening experience, but also to eliminate the headphones to enjoy the often "auditory fatigue" (widely used in gaming headset).

Stereo effect

Voice Pick-Up (VPU) Sensor

  Combining the bone conduction signal detected by the VPU with the air conduction signal detected by the microphone, high quality speech signals can be extracted in strong noise environments.

Bone Vocal ID Detection (G-Sensor)

  Using G-Sensor to detect the vibration (bone conduction) signal generated by the wearer's speech and combining it with keyword/command word detection technology, low-power wake-up and speaker-specific command word detection can be achieved with TWS headphones.

bone conduction headset

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