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Audio-Technica ES Series Headphones

1. ESW9 Headphone

ESW9 Headphone

Red African Paddock Wood headphone is very pretty, but it is regrettable that the edge of this wood is a little bit like pockmarks. Sound nothing to say, strictly speaking, it is a thick paste of the type of warm, pure female listening is very good, but the details / sound field / transients, etc. will not be too much to ask.

2.ESW11LTD Headphone

ESW11LTD Headphone

ESW11LTD headphone is a price of more than $ 500 limited edition, Audio-technica is more emphasis on the limited edition, ESW11LTD headphone looks to be a lot of good-looking than the ESW9, but the finish is not very bright. Sound neutral side. I think this piece belong Technica headphones to tune the sound of modern mainstream transition "to explore models", the overall sound is very embarrassing, you are either on drugs or enchanting female voice, or go completely neutral atmosphere release line, so "flattening "of the route to a good limited edition headphones sound becomes very strange.

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