Earphones specially designed for sleeping

If you love to fall asleep to soothing music but feel uncomfortable wearing traditional headphones, Olyre's newly designed sleep headphones are just what you need.

At present, this SleepPhones sleep earphone classic series is now priced at $12.99 for a limited time on Amazon, and it is available in multiple colors.

Sleep Headbands, Wireless Bluetooth,SleepPhones,Olyre

This very innovative SleepPhones sleep earphone was recognized by the International CES Creative Award as soon as it was launched. This SleepPhones is different from conventional headphones or earbuds. From the outside, it looks like a soft wool scarf. It adopts a soft "headband" design. The headphones are embedded inside the headband, and the overall is very soft. The earphones do not put appreciable pressure on the head or ears.

Sleep Headbands, Wireless Bluetooth,SleepPhones,Olyre

The wireless bluetooth audio head is built into the hood, so that you can sleep comfortably wearing SleepPhones, and you can also move the hood at will without any discomfort, and it can also be used as an eye mask if necessary. The earphones are uncomfortable to wear or worry about the cable entanglement.

Wearing it, you can listen to music comfortably and fall asleep.

Sleep Headbands, Wireless Bluetooth,SleepPhones,Olyre

Buyer's evaluation: Sleeping is very useful, artifact. Sleeping on your side is not afraid of tenderness in your ears. A very easy to use product, very comfortable to wear, and the sound quality of the headphones is very good. I worked a day at work and I slept very well at night wearing it. . I will buy one for my girlfriend next time. A very satisfied shopping.

Keywords:Sleep Headbands, Wireless Bluetooth,SleepPhones,Olyre