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How to Choose a Comfortable Pair of Headphones

For people who use headphones a lot, the comfort of the headphones is of great importance. A pair of comfortable headphones can help users to immerse themselves in the audio better without feeling pain. But how to choose a pair of comfortable headphones? When talking about the comfort of headphones, what should be considered?

The evaluation of headphones comfort is influenced by objective conditions and subjective feelings. Generally speaking, the objective conditions include measurable weight of the headset, the size of the headset, tension, padding and other factors, while the subjective feeling is the actual feeling of the headset user in the process of using it.


Generally speaking, over - ear headphones and on - ear headphones are more comfortable in lighter models, especially when they are equipped with soft padding. Because the soft padding can better disperse the weight of the headphones on the basis of the already relatively small pressure feeling of the lightweight headphones.

A kids earphone from Olyre, designed for kids, but small enough to try out for adults.  Lightweight to carry, the earmuffs cover the ears well without causing pain by pinching the edges of the earmuffs.  As the earphones are made for children, the volume can only be turned up to 85dB, which effectively protects your eardrum from high pitch damage.


Padding has a great influence on the comfort of headphones, as the use of padding in the headband and ear cups of on-ear or over-ear headsets help to disperse pressure and reduce discomfort over long periods of use.

Padding with good quality is usually described as thick and flexible. It is best to use leather, velvet and superfine fiber filler because these materials have better skin friendliness.

In contrast, mesh, foam or plastic padding tend to be more irritating and have an negative impact on the comfort of using headphones.

Clamping Force

The clamping force of the headset is also important to determine wearing comfort. Generally speaking, headphones with tide clamping force tend to cause discomfort in the long-term using. However, if the clamping force is not enough, the headset may fall off easily while using it.

However, both of these problems can be avoided by the corresponding ergonomic design. Therefore, the main factors to consider of purchasing a pair of headphones with balanced force include whether the head circumference is perfectly matched with the headphone size, whether the headphone frame is Ergonomic designed to improve comfort and whether the ear cups and padding are soft and appropriate.

A game headset from Linx, its model is T07, for e-sports games to build a headset.  With freely adjustable metal arms, the comfortable length can be adjusted according to the different size of the wearer's head circumference, which can better cover our ears, clearly transmit the game sound, and make the wearer feel immersive.  

Long-term use is a challenge to the headset comfort . If you want to get a comfortable pair of headphones, I hope this article can be helpful on your purchasing decision.

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