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Headphone Parts Introduction - Earmuffs

By headphone type, earmuffs are usually applied to large music headphones and noise reduction, noise isolation or protective headphones. In addition, in the hot summer, you can consider buying headphones with detachable earmuffs.
Generally speaking, material of the earmuffs determines the comfort of using. Meanwhile, different earmuff materials also affect the performance of the earmuff in terms of cleaning and longevity.

Sponges are usually utilized in headphones with small and medium sized earmuffs, or the bottom of the earmuffs of music headphones and the surface of the headphone unit. The advantages of this material sponge are permeability. Using sponges earmuffs help to reduce the pressure caused by wearing headphones on the ears. But the disadvantage is obvious too--as a type of headset consumable supplies, sponges earmuffs are easy to age and break and need to be replaced frequently.


Protein Leather
Protein Leather is a type of artificial leather, which is soft to the touch, and makes a certain extent of breathability with the overall texture is comparable with genuine leather. High-quality imported protein leather life can usually reach 3-5 years, while the ordinary protein leather life is mostly about 1 year.

protein leather

Genuine Leather 
Genuine leather earmuffs is more expensive for the features of skin-friendly and good breathability. However, to extend the life of these leather earmuffs as long as possible, they are needed to be cleaned and cared frequently.

genuine leather
Fleece earmuffs are very cost-effective, with the benefits of skin-friendly, breathable, soft and sweat-absorbent. Despite of these advantages, they are not really an ideal choice for users who are sweaty because they are not waterproof, easy to get dirty, not easy to wash, too.


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