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Maintenance of earphones

First, place in a dry environment  

After using the earphone, it is best to put the earphone in a dry environment. If the earphone is placed in a humid place for a long time, some parts inside will be particularly easy to rust, and the phenomenon of deviation is particularly easy to occur in the use of the rusty earphone.  

Lower the volume before use  

If you want to make your headphones last longer, make sure to lower the volume before using them.  Lower the volume, this operation has two advantages, one is less likely to damage their own ears, and another advantage is that the headphones will not burn the voice coil because of the volume.  

Three, do not pull the plug frequently  

If you use your headphones a lot, you'd better not plug them in too often.  Putting the earphone plug for a long time frequently will result in large wear and tear of the plug, which will directly affect the sound quality of the earphone.  

Four, avoid sun exposure  

If you don't use earphones, be sure to put them away properly.  Do not directly put the earphone in the strong sunshine, strong sunshine, long time exposure to the earphone, the outer wrapping layer of the earphone is very easy to aging.  

Five, avoid water  

Usually in the process of using the earphone, pay special attention to the earphone not to water.  The water in the earphone could easily be the part inside the earphone.  

Six, protect the connector  

Pay attention to protect the plug connection when using earphones.  The damage of earphones is largely caused by the damage of the connector of the plug. If you do not pay attention to this place, it is easy to be damaged.  So do not pull or pull the plug back and forth at ordinary times.  

Seven. Correct storage of earphones  

In daily life, if we do not use the earphone, we must put the earphone well, in the process of putting the earphone, we must use the correct method to put the earphone.  Be sure to start storing headphones at the end of the earplug.  At the end of the storage, it is best to reserve a part of the wire at one end of the earphone, so that it is not easy to pull the earphone.  

The headset is received

Stay away from magnetic objects  

The earphone is not in ordinary use, must put the earphone properly, do not put the earphone next to those magnetic things.  If placed next to these items, it is particularly likely to damage the headphones, and the sensitivity of the headphones will be greatly compromised over time.  

Nine, do not disassemble  

Some earphones are difficult to disassemble, disassemble without authorization, easy to cause damage to the shell, or even damage the internal structure of earphones and cause irreparable damage. 

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