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How to choose a Bluetooth headset

1. Look at the appearance of the Bluetooth headset

Appearance is our most intuitive first impression of Bluetooth headsets, and as a product that accompanies daily use of Bluetooth headsets, even if you don't choose the good-looking ones, don't choose the ones that are not good-looking or not in line with your own aesthetics.

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2. Look at the sound quality of the Bluetooth headset

Sound quality is the most important experience direction of Bluetooth headsets, and it is related to the intuitive experience of users on Bluetooth headsets. Therefore, the Bluetooth headset should choose the preferred tri-band equalization. A three-band balanced Bluetooth headset will make the sound more durable and will not easily get tired of the sound quality.

3. Look at the noise reduction of Bluetooth headsets

The general classification of noise reduction can be divided into: active noise reduction, call noise reduction, and physical noise reduction.

The dB depth of active noise reduction is an important function of noise reduction headphones. The higher the depth, the more external noise can be eliminated. The best noise reduction depth of the human body is 40dB, too strong noise reduction will cause damage to the headset.

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4. Look at the comfort of Bluetooth headsets

Insufficient comfort can cause a lot of troubles. Don't underestimate such small problems. Long-term use of such small problems is very bad for the experience. Therefore, it is necessary to choose good enough comfort, and for those with small ears or those with otitis media, try to choose semi-in-ear headphones.

And the lighter the weight of the earphone, the smaller the outer volume of the earphone, the smaller the pressure on the ears, and the wearing feeling can be greatly improved.

If the weight is too heavy, there will be a feeling of foreign body of the ears, a feeling of pressure, and a large external volume will cause the ears to swell, redness, and pain.

5. Look at the battery life of the Bluetooth headset

If the battery life is poor, you need to charge it frequently, and it is more troublesome to charge it frequently. The battery life is strong enough to make users worry-free, charging only once a week or even a month, do not have to worry about the battery every time but also remembers to charge this problem.

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Student Party: Preferred cost-effective Bluetooth headsets, followed by personal needs.

Business people, office workers: Preferred Bluetooth headsets with high comfort and long battery life.

Sports crowd: Partners with sports need can choose bone conduction headphones or halterneck Bluetooth headphones.

Game hobby users: to prefer low-latency Bluetooth headsets.

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