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How to wear earphones is correct?

With the popularity of electronic devices , many young people like to wear headphones to listen to music , so that it looks cool and does not affect others , and can also avoid external interference . But did you know that wearing headphones for a long time can also cause a lot of harm .

According to the CDC survey , close to 15% of people in the 20-69 age group have hearing loss caused by noise , and severe cases suffer from hearing loss . It is estimated that one in four people will have heard problems of 2050 . Nearly 2.5 billion people will suffer from some degree of hearing loss , and at least 700 million of them will need rehabilitation services .

How to wear earphones is correct ?

1. Two " 60s " : WHO recommends that when using headphones , the volume should generally not exceed 60% of the maximum volume ; wearing headphones should not exceed 60 minutes a day .

2 . Regularly clean the earphones : earphones such as hanging neck and in-ear earphones , if there is no special earphone bag , foreign bacteria may be attached . It is recommended to wiping the earphones and earmuffs with alcohol or wet wipes regularly to ensure that the earphones is hygienic and clean .

3 . Avoid listening to earphones when sleeping : When you sleep , the ears of earphones are pressed for the pillow , which will damage the auricle and increase the stimulation to the tympanic membrane .

4 . Choose the right earphones : For earphones , choose some earphones that is not so harmful to the ears .

It is recommended to using bone conduction headphones , which are much less harmful than embedded headphones . Bone conduction is a hanging earphone that does not need to be inserted into the ear . It bypasses the eardrum to transmit sound . The ear canal is always refreshed . Don't worry about the discomfort of wearing the earphone for a long time , because this kind of earphone is less harmful to hearing than embedded earphone .


The famous medical website " Doctor Lilac " has recommended bone conduction headphones many times . During the period when earphones is gradually changing from wired to wireless , bone conduction earphones has gradually become known to people for their healthy listening methods , inaccessibility , safety and health . Bone conduction earphones has  always been highly recommended by ear doctors and hearing experts .

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