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7.1 What is the difference between a channel earphone and a normal earphone?

What is a vocal tract?

Sound refers to the sound in the recording or playback in different space location collection or playback of the mutually independent audio signal, so the number of channels is the number of sound sources when the recording or playback of the corresponding number of speakers.

Generally speaking, we commonly have mono, stereo, four-channel, 5.1 channel, and 7.1 channel headphones.

So what's the difference between a regular earphone and a 7.1 channel earphone?

1. Ordinary earphones have only 2 sound channels, while 7.1 earphones have front, left front, right front, left, right back, right back, and a total of 8 pronunciation units integrated into the earphones.

2. 7.1 channel headphones are more suitable for gaming than regular headphones.  7.1 Sound channel system is to establish a set of sound fields with relative balance in front and back around the listener, so that users can receive undifferentiated sound fields through reasonable combination of speaker array.

3. Compared with ordinary earphones, multi-channel earphones are USB ports and have their own USB sound card.

4.7.1 channel earphones can be divided into virtual 7.1 channel and physical 7.1 channel. In terms of user experience, virtual 7.1 channel will be more accurate in orientation than physical 7.1 channel. For example, when the sound of rear explosion appears in the game, it is sometimes difficult to distinguish the specific orientation.  And the physical 7.1 channel headphones in the space of the ability to create stronger than virtual.Headset, channel headset, game headset

In games, the importance of channel headphones is even greater.  We can use the sound to determine which direction the enemy is in, so that we can make more targeted plans to defeat them.  Now a lot of gunplay games need to use channel earphones. If you are looking for a headset suitable for listening to sound and positioning, you can contact us. Lilian Sells a variety of earphones here, suitable for multiple ages and multiple scenes.  If you are on the Internet to sell headphone related products or have their own entity shop management, looking for suppliers, can also contact us, the larger the price is lower, but the quality is still one to one, can rest assured!

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