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Why a new bought expensive headphone sounds not very good?

Many people buy hundreds of thousands of headphones, when the headphone arrived very excited, but when unpacking will find the sound is too bad, people feel cheated by the manufacturers of advertising, even want call the consumer hotline complaints of false advertising.

In fact, all headphone have to go through playback period of "warm up". after the sound will be better and better, reaching the level of product quality design goals, this process is called "Burn-in", the difference between the high-end headphones and Mid-range headphones around the burn is particularly evident.

Because there are pronunciation diaphragm in the headphones , the diaphragm emit sound through vibration, diaphragm in high-end headphones is generally thicker, so it is necessary to work for some time before the gradual elimination of the state firm, then the sound will become more plump and smooth. Other parts still have to work after a period of time before it gets into the normal sound condition.

So buy a new headset, especially high-end headphones, the best is the headset connected to the audio playback with moderate volume for a period of time, different headphones have different requirements of burn time, some special types of high-end headphones need to burn longer time to have a good sense of hearing.

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