"If the tiger adds billions, the tiger gives power", the Linx 2022 celebration was a great

"If the tiger adds 100 million, the tiger gives birth to power."  On January 21, 2022, the celebration of Linxin 2022 Annual Meeting was held in our company and achieved a complete success.  Linx,2022,annual meeting

"If the tiger adds 100 million, the tiger generates power" Li Linxin 2022 Annual Conference celebration  


The whole New Year party celebration was shot by professional photographer John. All the lLYNx employees who participated in the celebration gathered together with delicious food and wine to witness llynx's brilliant achievements and look forward to llynx's bright future.  2022,Linx

  • Annual meeting small host Huang Junlin, sonorous and powerful voice, not stage fright


At the beginning of the celebration, President Huang, founder of LLYNx, reviewed the development history of Llynx: Since its establishment in 2008, Llynx has experienced decades of development and growth, and now has a patent brand with a good reputation in the market. The step by step development and growth of Llynx has proved its strength to everyone.  President Huang said that In 2022, LLYNx will improve employee welfare, improve the overall efficiency of the company, llynx will achieve more dreams and write a new brilliant!  And I wish you all the best in the New Year!  


New Year's message from Lam Lam Founder Wong Yue  


Subsequently, The factory director, Sister Chen and the warehouse supervisor also made wonderful speeches, expressing sincere wishes to Linyan In 2022.  


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