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Perfect Olyre TWS10 Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds

Recommended reason: A true wireless noise-cancelling headset with a super price-performance ratio of $35.99. The world's first Rheinland high-performance noise-cancelling certified headphones, with a noise-cancelling depth of up to 42dB, using the new customized Olyre T10 chip, the noise-cancelling effect is excellent. Buyer's comprehensive evaluation: After wearing the headphones, the ambient noise is instantly reduced, and the sound of traffic outside is almost inaudible.

Amazon,Olyre,TWS10, Bluetooth Headset

In terms of sound quality, it is no exaggeration to say that the Olyre TWS10 earbuds are the best sound quality among the earbuds in this price range. Using a 10mm large moving coil unit, after professional audio adjustment, the sound quality of the earphone shows that the bass is deep enough, the middle and high frequencies are elastic, and the sound layer is obvious. You can also customize the sound quality of the exclusive individual through the app, so that the music details can be presented more abundantly and the restoration degree is higher.

Amazon,Olyre,TWS10, Bluetooth Headset

In other respects, using Bluetooth 5.2 version, the delay is as low as 88ms, and audio and video synchronization can be achieved when playing games. The battery life is up to 22 hours with noise reduction turned on, and 30 hours in normal mode. It also supports dual device connection, intelligent wind noise reduction, and IPX5 waterproof level. In general, the Olyre TWS10 earplugs are outstanding in terms of noise, sound quality, and appearance. The product configuration and experience are not inferior to the flagship headphones of several hundred dollars.

Amazon,Olyre,TWS10, Bluetooth Headset

Keywords:Amazon,Olyre,TWS10, Bluetooth Headset
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