For the production workshop management system

1. Production preparation

1.1 The supervisor of the staff workshop is responsible for formulating the staff training plan and equipment requirement planning

1.2. The workshop supervisor formulates the production and operation process of the workshop products to ensure the normal operation of materials

1.3. Engineering and R&D organizations evaluate process capabilities and adjust process capabilities based on production tasks

1.4. The factory manager organizes the workshop supervisor to reconfirm the key process of the headset in the workshop


2. Production implementation

Production plan flow chart

Planned order instruction→Order material preparation→First sample confirmation→Headband processing→speaker welding→Listening test→Headband and ear shell assemble→Finished product inspection→finished product inspection→Measured impedance current→Finished product packaging→Finished product sampling inspection→Put in storage

2.1. The factory manager is responsible for formulating production plans and issuing production orders, and assigning tasks to the production supervisor.

2.2. According to the production plan and arrangement given by the factory manager, the production supervisor will analyze the production tasks and formulate the production plan, and down to the line supervisor

2.3. The line supervisor decomposes the production plan given by the production supervisor, and assigns tasks to each job position in the workshop

2.4. The warehouse formulates the picking list according to the production plan,

2.5. According to the production plan, the workshop supervisor makes a production workshop production plan with reference to the injection workshop plan. The production supervisor makes a picking list based on the BOM and process materials, and the material staff picks up the materials used in the warehouse

2.6. The factory manager organizes a pre-shift meeting to check the completion of the previous day’s tasks and arrange the day’s work tasks


3. Process requirements

3.1. Production environment

The workshop supervisor plans the workshop production site, uses it rationally, achieves fixed positions, and implements 6S standardized management.

3.2. Safe production

The workshop supervisor organizes employees to carry out safety production learning, do a good job in safety protection, and eliminate potential safety hazards.

3.3. Process discipline

The workshop supervisor organizes the implementation and supervision of the process discipline in the production line, and conducts random inspections of the processing and production cooperation projects and quality processes in strict accordance with the process documents. The workshop supervisor will punish employees who violate the process

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